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All You Need To Know About These Young Entrepreneurs Changing The World

The core explanation of all this celebration today in the domain of entrepreneurship is in the fact that our current world understands and values business visionaries’ success not by the monetary value they generate but by individuals who decide to stand firm for social issues, make a way to impact things and other people. In this blog post, we attempt to unfold a few such budding innovators who have impacted many lives all over the world with their brilliantly genius ideas.

Kenan Pala

Founder of Kids4Community, Kenan Pala, photographed at a Christmas event

Kenan Pala had, for a long time, wanted to help. During his childhood in San Diego, he would enthusiastically look through ways of engaging with non-profit organizations to help various causes. However, he was very shocked to find himself shut out of various causes he needed to help since many don't permit kids younger than 18 to chip in.

So in 2017, to ensure that any kid younger than 18 who needed to help any such causes could step up, he established the philanthropic organization Kids4Community. Through corporate donations, awards, and charitable events, Pala has raised $1 million to help local homelessness causes, while also engaging children to assist with 5K runs, dinner services, and food drives.

Illac Diaz

Diaz showcasing the end product made out of local materials

Illac Diaz had seen the impacts of environmental change first-hand in his native country of the Philippines during Typhoon Durian, which happened in late 2006. The decimation he saw was mind-boggling. 80% of the houses were destroyed, no electricity, no communication mediums, and streets were completely cleared out so international aid laborers faced difficulty getting in.

That became the motivation behind Liter of Light, a non-profit organization operated by Diaz that teaches marginalized communities how to make solar lights out of local materials, like plastic jugs and lamp fuel lights. As of today, Liter of Light has been operational in a few dozen nations and has developed more than 1,000,000 lights.

The uniqueness of this venture lies within its innovative model that empowers women entrepreneurs how to make those lights all by themselves. Those entrepreneurs buy all the equipment on credit and rent the lights out for extra income. However simple this initiative may sound, it’s changing the lives of thousands of individuals in hindsight.

Noa Mintz

Noa Mintz who founded Nannies by Noa at the age of 12

While growing up in the city of New York, Noa Mintz found a fair gap between the accessibility of nannies in the market while on the lookout for a simple method for finding the most ideal babysitters that anyone could hope to find nearby. Just like any other entrepreneurial mindset, she leveraged her first-hand experience as an opportunity to gain insights and founded Nannies by Noa when she was only 12 years of age. The agency offers types of assistance that include thorough background checking, workshops for nannies, and real-time support for their customers.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps one of the most significant reasons youngsters are succeeding today is that they dared enough to sell their ideas sooner. It is important to make a move and make your business a reality sooner than later if you truly trust in your vision. You can start the process of becoming an achiever at whatever age in life, and the young business visionaries in the list above only proved this to you.

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