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Learn How Gaming Industry Can Be a Thriving Career Option for New-age Kids

Parents more often than not stress when their kids are attracted to online games as they invest a lot of their energy in them, not studying or reading but playing games over the internet. Be that as it may, did you know there are ways of bringing in money playing these games? Your children most likely do. In this blog, we’ll discuss some major facts that can eliminate that burden off your shoulders and encourage your kids to venture into this exploding industry – if this is what they’re passionate about.

Should Gaming Industry Be The Way For Your Child?

How, as parents, do we expect this new age of games will influence their future? Is this simply a characteristic development of collectibles or is it an actual career approach to make a living? 

All things considered, the most important perspective here is the direction from a parent or adult guardian. Ideally, the kids in today’s world are mature enough to understand financial matters and be in an organized culture where guardians are monitoring their spending. Kids trading Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) for some bucks could be the same as children exchanging or selling coins, stamps, or baseball cards. This is a reasonable correlation, as long as some observing/guidelines are set up. 

Eventually, computer games/gaming can be an awesome side hobby for a child and can be encouraged as long as different obligations are being maintained and the amount of time spent playing is tracked. So indeed, gaming can be an extraordinary option for your child to have a flourishing career ahead.

How to Make a Career/Make a Living from Gaming Industry via Roblox?

There are certainly dozens of ways your kid can make a decent amount of money playing online games, streaming the gameplay, or being a quality assurance tester for leading game developers. But there’s another extraordinary approach that seems to be appealing to the young generation of gamers – Roblox.

Offering both serious multiplayer gaming and a complex game development tool, Roblox offers variety, imagination, competition, and social interaction – a lot of it for FREE. You can even earn money on Roblox that makes it more appealing to aspiring games looking to make a career in gaming. In fact, dedicated game developers can earn a serious amount of money via Roblox. 

Roblox offers a couple of revenue generation models, including charging others for access to games you make, charging incremental fees inside your game, and exchanging rare items that different players will pay for. To bring in money, you must be older than 13, hold a Premium membership, and have around 100,000 Robux in your account. Then, at that point, you can trade the Robux into the company for real money. For your information, 100,000 Robux is valued at approximately $350 (HKD2,750).

What’s Next for Gaming Industry – especially Roblox?

What’s more, kids and teens aren’t the only ones obsessed with the progression of Roblox. Leading brands such as Nike is also in the race to make the most out of this tool. Nike has stepped into the universe of Metaverse with 'Nikeland' that features its own virtual world created through Roblox. 'Nikeland' is a space where players can collaborate in free sporting events and use articles of the brand in their digital adaptation. With this progression, Nike becomes one of the significant brands to venture into the Metaverse with the assistance of Roblox. Hence, you can envision that sky is the limit for the gaming industry and metaverse is simply going to take it higher than ever.

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