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Why Should Kids Learn Coding from An Early Age – 5 Reasons Every Parent Must Know!

We, as parents, always want the best for our children and wish to grow themfor true achievement. What if there is an interesting way to grow up this firm foundation? Yes, you heard that right. You can grow your kid in this competitive world through coding and every kid must learn how to code from an early age. Coding for kids not only enhances their mathematical and analytical abilities but also gives them significant skills throughout everyday life and the workforce in the future. There are different reasons why coding is important to learn but first let’s find out what coding truly is and how it can be crucial in a child's accomplishment in the future.


What is Coding?

The concept of coding is very simple and easy to understand. Imagine learning French, German or Persian for that matter, quite interesting and achievable, right? Coding is very similar to learning, except in coding your kid learns how to speak with machines in languages like HTML, Java, and Python. Similar advantages of learning another language apply to when kids learn to code. Just like how learning another language is simple when you are younger, this applies to coding as well. Learning how to code maximizes your kid's verbal and written skills.


Why Should Kids Learn Coding at An Early Age?

1. Coding improves the skill of problem solving

According to a mathematical point of view, coding is known to assist kids with visualizing complex ideas in a creative fashion that allows them to apply math to real problem solving. Coding isn't just about writing a program to solve or perform tasks. It's also about logical critical thinking by, using the core fundamentals of math.

2. Coding promotes creativity 

I mean, who doesn’t want their kids to be creative and open-minded? Coding expands the creativity of your children. As a coder, you need to begin with nothing and change it into an end result that makes sense – similar to building a sandcastle on the beach but with technical tools. The whole process requires logical reasoning, creativity, and the ability to solve problems. It is, consequently, something beyond teaching a kid some computer commands.

3. Coding boosts your kids’ confidence

By giving our kids technical knowledge from the very beginning, we can provide them the confidence to take off into the work environment, feeling well prepared and confident. Basically, coding can change the way kids interact with innovation. Coding enables kids to consume digital media and technology as well as to create it.

4. Coding assists with core soft skills

When your child starts learning how to code, they will traverse through a huge number of complex issues and processes. As they develop more complex code, they should also develop advanced communication and organizational skills. Coding can likewise assist them with working on their resilience and presentation skills.

5. Coding gives a better approach to look at the world

Every new language gives us another viewpoint that is extraordinarily related to a specific environment. In the 21st century, familiarity with coding languages, like JavaScript, Python, or Scratch, gives kids an amazing approach to collaborate with their general surroundings. It's no big surprise that programming has been identified as the new proficiency.


Just like learning how to ride a bicycle, learning how to code is simpler when you are young. Coding is getting simpler and more fascinating as there are new types of software and updated informative techniques that keep kids interested and pumped up for computer programming.

The advantages of learning how to code at a young age grows kids with developing skills in logical reasoning, processing, and communicating. These skills will later assist kids with creativity, which will fit into any profession,. e.g. from doctors to artists. Being skilled to programming and developed applications and software helps kids to succeed in the future.

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